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Für kinderfreundliche Mobilität in Wien.      Ein besseres Miteinander im Stadtverkehr.      Und ein klimafreundliches Wien.

Child-friendly mobility

Lack of exercise among children and young people who live in large cities can bear severe consequences. Regular exercise through cycling is an outdoor activity that offers long-term improvement of our children’s well-being, performance and physical awareness.

Young people in our society are often said to lack responsibility. Cycling and participating in city traffic helps children become more independent and responsible:

  • They will use the city’s roads on bikes, play an active role and contribute to enhanced side-by-side city traffic.
  • They will be citizens who contribute to improving the quality of life in their city.
  • They will act environmentally friendly and will make climate protection their personal mission.

Side-by-side city traffic

We are the safest in traffic when we work side by side. Our main goal at Schulterblick is thus to teach a basic understanding of cooperation in city traffic and skills to implement said understanding when riding a bike.

Side-by-side city traffic means to perceive other road users such as pedestrians or car drivers not as obstacles or as potential threats, but as interacting partners.

Cyclists who are willing to communicate and cooperate will travel safe and help make city traffic feel more pleasant. Cycling with awareness comes easily to children and they have fun implementing what they have learned.

Climate protection in Vienna

Climate protection is a topic of immeasurable importance. More frequent so-called natural disasters make it alarmingly clear that the earth’s climate is thrown into turmoil.

Our behaviour and mobility patterns play a crucial role when it comes to climate protection. Switching to bicycles means saving enormous amounts of energy and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions on local, national and global levels.

Being aware of the importance and urgency of this task, we can make Vienna a showcase city for modernity and climate protection; a role model that, in light of increasing environmental awareness, shall spur many followers.

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