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Für kinderfreundliche Mobilität in Wien.      Ein besseres Miteinander im Stadtverkehr.      Und ein klimafreundliches Wien.


  • Cycling in city traffic: communication and cooperation with other road users
  • Cycling and climate protection: The importance of cycling for climate protection.


  • Training at Beethovenplatz: Riding skills, signalling and seeing other people’s signals, riding in single file
  • Riding on cycle paths:we implement what we have learned in small groups. Each group is accompanied by two adults.


  • Conveying a basic understanding of side-by-side city traffic
  • Teaching riding and communication skills in order to implement this understanding in city traffic
  • Spurring motivation to actively contribute to climate protection as cyclists


Dates May, June, September
Who can participate? 4th and 5th year pupils (beginners welcome!) + 2 parents
Team 5 Cycling instructors
Duration 4 hours (before noon)
Meeting point 1010 Vienna, Beethovenplatz (U4, D, 2, 71, 4A)
Routes Cycle paths and lanes around the city centre
Cost The costs are funded by Mobilitätsagentur Wien
What to bring? Weatherproof clothing, helmet
Bikes/Helmets Children’s bikes are provided for. Helmets can be rented free of charge.
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What we’ll do The class will be divided into two groups which will take turns completing theory and practice training.


  • Training courses for beginners: Your child will acquire the skills to independently ride his/her own bike step by step.
  • Riding a bike to school, for children from 10 – 12 years:This course enables children to ride their bikes to school on their own. During the weekend or in the afternoon, we will inspect and analyse the route to school together with your child.
  • Parent-child courses, for children from 8 years upwards:Cycling in city traffic with children is a challenge for all participants. In this course, you will learn how to make cycling with your children a safe and enjoyable adventure.


When? April – October
Dates upon arrangement
Meeting point upon arrangement
Duration 90 minutes
Cost 36 €
What to bring? Own bicycle(s), helmet, weatherproof clothing
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