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Für kinderfreundliche Mobilität in Wien.      Ein besseres Miteinander im Stadtverkehr.      Und ein klimafreundliches Wien.
Can beginners or children who haven’t learned riding yet join courses for school classes?
What happens if the weather is bad?
Can my child bring his/her own bike to take the course?
Will children receive a confirmation of participation or certificate of some sort?
Can my child take the cycling proficiency test at your cycling school?
What is the minimum required age for children to ride bikes in traffic without an adult?
What age would you recommend for children to ride their bikes in city traffic?
I want to ride in the city with my child. Should I be riding ahead or following?
Is wearing helmets in city traffic obligatory for children?
Does it make sense to use the lights on my bike during day time?
I like your work! How can I support you?
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